LADIES: Do you feel disconnected with who you are & how your life is going? Are you sick of never feeling confident, happy, healthy, or fulfilled? 

Build your inner strength, joy, and confidence from within and align your body, mind, relationships, and energy to finally feel comfortable and confident in your skin...

without the traditional methods like costly supplements/medicines, restrictive diets, and endless exercise.

WHAT IF... could learn how to live a healthy lifestyle that felt intuitive and natural? were able to have enough time and energy to take care of yourself during the week without feeling extra stressed about it? actually loved working out and it not only helped you get stronger physically, but mentally and emotionally as well? had the self-confidence again to do the things that you have been avoiding? learned about your body and what habits are sabotaging you from looking and feeling your best, AND you knew what to do about it? had a personalized plan that fixed the underlying issues of your depression, low self-confidence, fatigue, weight gain, relationship difficulties, and the REAL reasons why you can't seem to ever feel like yourself? could feel excited, confident, strong, happy, healthy, and become the best version of yourself so you could live a life of fulfillment?

AND... could shed any shame or guilt to feel your best, look your best, and be the happiest you've ever been? had a safe community of women who are just like you to depend on for love and support? had a knowledgable, experienced coach that knows your struggles and provides you with the 1:1 guidance you need to ensure your success? 

Want to make this your reality?

Wholly Fit 2.0 is your blueprint to achieve all of this and MORE.

What my clients are saying...

"I found my self confidence!"

"I’m not afraid of food and I feel so much better!"

"Jen was always there to answer any questions I had or to cheer me on!"

"Jen provides a safe place for everyone and understands that a lot of what you talk about is vulnerable to you."

"It was so helpful finding ME again!"

"Jen was flexible with my needs from the very beginning."

"The openness and comfort level Jen provides helps us realize we aren't alone in our struggles and that we can change our mindset."

"Jen's coaching was perfect!"

"Jen was willing to take on my issues!"

"I feel like I was able to actually open up and do the work. Jen made me feel comfortable to open up about myself."

Welcome to Wholly Fit 2.0:


Wholly Fit is a 90-day step-by-step program that helps you take charge of your health and happiness and give you the tools to become and STAY happy and healthy FOR LIFE.




When you join, you’ll be immersed into a supportive community of other women who are here to grow, learn, love, and contribute. You start Wholly Fit as a client…. but you finish as FAMILY.


You’ll learn absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know (the importance of personalized nutrition & exercise, overcoming sabotaging habits like emotional eating, time management skills, mindset transformation, relationship tools, energy work, and more) through my detailed curriculum.


Each week, you’ll be given a new assignment to complete - and by the end of the 90 days, you’ll have the skills to continue your healthy, happy, and fulfilled lifestyle effortlessly without sacrificing extra time, money, or energy.


And if you run into any questions or feel ‘stuck’, I’ve got you! Inside Wholly Fit, you will gain access to UNLIMITED daily support inside our private community and weekly Q+A coaching livestreams to help you troubleshoot, gain clarity, and make progress on your health and happiness goals.


Anytime you need help, simply post in our private community, private message me, or attend one of our weekly livestreams. Customized, on-demand mentorship is only a click away!


Wholly Fit is the perfect blend of EDUCATION, ACCOUNTABILITY, SUPPORT & ACTION in ALL 4 DIMENSIONS OF THE HUMAN: body, mind, relationships, and energy….


And that’s why this is the #1 lifestyle transformation program for moms and busy women - I provide you simple yet effective strategies that are perfect for you so you FINALLY know how to live a healthy, happy, fulfilled life and understand how to manage the stress and trauma that's been sabotaging you for years.

Physical and emotional results from former clients are illustrated below...check them out!


Clothes looser, increased energy, self-confidence sky-rocketed, learned to tune-into her body and give it what it thrives on.


8 Weeks          -12 Pounds          -20 Inches


Improved mindset helps her to remain in control - she doesn't allow a setback to sabotage her progress like in the past. Listens and understands her body's signals so she knows what it needs and doesn't need - has the tools, like her Personalized Healing Profile, to confidently continue her healthy lifestyle.

Lost fat, built muscle, increased energy and boosted self-confidence!


12 Weeks          -16 Pounds          -20 Inches


I've made a complete transformation in my physical, mental, & emotional health. I know how to handle stress in my life, and use the tools in Wholly Fit to remain confident and strong no matter what life throws at me.  I have 2 children and a husband, and I have grown into the best partner and mother I ever dreamed possible.  My relationships are better and I've learned how to set boundaries in my life that eliminate shame and guilt about taking care of ME despite being a wife and mom of 2 with aging parents.  I know how to balance and prioritize MY health and wellness without sacrificing time or precious energy for my family.  I have beaten depression, learned how to manage my anxiety, and my passion for life has ignited so that I'm able to live my happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled life full of purpose and drive!

Is This You?


✔️ You have so much going on that scheduling time to take care of yourself seems impossible. Between work, kids, partner, activities, household stuff and everything else, you just don't understand how other women have the time or energy to properly take care of themselves.


✔️ You want to "get healthy" but there is so much information out there you feel overwhelmed...what's even right?  And what will finally work for me?  You feel totally lost and know that you need help and support to do this, but you're unsure who to trust and if you're actually ready to follow through.


✔️ You feel ashamed of yourself.  You feel like you have let your physical, mental, and emotional health get out of control, and the more upset you get the worse you feel...but life happened and now you're here and you know you have to do something about it or you'll continue to feel sad and disappointed.  And you don't want to be that mom for your kids - you want to be the strong mom, the confident mom, the fun mom!


✔️ You always put everyone else in your life ahead of you, and that has taken its toll.  You never prioritize your health and wellness because you are too busy taking care of others.  You're not even sure you could do it, because you'd feel too guilty for making time for yourself. You've tried cheap shortcuts like diets or fancy workouts thinking it will help, but it never does. Even therapy hasn't helped you make the progress you were hoping for.  You know deep down that you can't keep on like this because then you won't be able to take care of anyone at all. You know it's time to finally focus on YOU, but you want to feel good about doing it.

If the statements above describe YOU...

Wholly Fit is the perfect solution for you. 

How Does It Work?

Wholly Fit is a 3 month, high-touch coaching program that gives you 1-on-1 support to help you achieve your goals in a way that jives with your busy schedule.


You will receive:

  • Proven process for results so there's no guesswork - stick to the program and watch the magic happen

  • Flexible 3-phase nutrition plan with dozens of amazing recipes that set you up for lifelong success so you never have to diet again and you learn which foods support your healing and energize your body, soul, and emotional and mental health

  • Detailed curriculum includes weekly educational modules that focus on helping you build new healthy habits for good

  • Customized exercise program, if it's right for you to exercise; depending on your situation, exercise might be more stressing than healing

  • Weekly livestream group calls with 1:1 support

  • Community support with the women who are by your side - you’ll be inspired, motivated, held accountable, and you’ll make friends for life

  • Healthy habit hacks that simplify your wellness routine and healing

  • 24/7 text support to ask me anything

  • Emotional eating support and mindset training

  • Your PHP (Personalized Healing Profile) built from scratch and customized for YOU

Ready to FINALLY reach your goals? 

What's The Process?

The Wholly Fit Methodology embraces these facets in its programming to ensure you achieve your lifelong health & happiness goals within your body, mind, relationships, & energy:

Nutrition Overview:


  • 30-days of whole foods yet flexible clean eating

  • You are equipped with the tools & knowledge to make healthy habit changes that last

  • You reset your gut and allow rest for the liver and kidneys to maximize function

  • An elimination program to help to uncover food sensitivities and to become your own best scientist to uncover what foods work for your body (give you energy and fuel) and what foods work against your body (food that acts more like poison and acts as a barrier to your health & happiness)

  • Learn how to portion your meals to optimize nutrient density to fuel your body optimally - understanding when you are hungry, what to eat, and when you are full and satisfied!


  • We work on slowly re-integrating the inflammatory foods that were eliminated in month 1 so we can determine which foods serve you and which don’t, and exactly how your body reacts to certain foods

  • Based on your sensitivities, if any, we build your PERSONALIZED FOOD PROFILE and discuss how to integrate a healthy eating plan that you’ll be successful with in the long-term

  • We also focus on listening to your body’s cues and reactions to food physically instead of emotionally or from triggers/bad habits so you identify eating with feeling energetic, healthy, and strong

  • Continue to cultivate healthy habit hacks that work for YOU so you can utilize your nutrition tools for a healthy lifestyle


  • We put into place your 80/20 lifestyle plan - 80% of the time following your healthy habits and 20% other food choices

  • This method teaches you how to eat intuitively for your body's specific needs

  • You practice your healthy habit plan and solidify your new nutrition habits for long-term success

  • We monitor your nutrition practices and make adjustments, if needed, to ensure your continued success!

Fitness, Mindset, & Habits Overview


  • We introduce mindful movement practices that you enjoy and allow you to practice connecting to your body on a deeper, healing level.

  • We begin discovering your habit patterns around food, movement, and emotions in order to identify triggers that lead to those patterns and sabotage your health and happiness - we start becoming aware and connect to the deeper issues to get you on the path of healing.


  • Continue making progress on your wellness goals and make any adjustments you need to optimize your progress and results.

  • Lots of practice this month - you are working on reprogramming your brain to solidify your new habits and beliefs and we consistently monitor how it’s working for you and make adjustments to fit your lifestyle long-term.

  • You are starting to become more in-tune with your body and what it needs, allowing you to adjust based on how you feel physically, feeling your emotions, connecting to your energy, and healing your relationships instead of mindlessly following old habits that don't serve you.


  • You will continue to practice what you have learned in the modules from the previous 8 weeks and implement your lifestyle changes for the long-term.  

  • Everything you have learned in the modules from months 1 and 2 are now part of your knowledge base and you understand your body and how mindset, relationships, and energy affect your life-long health and goals.

  • One of the biggest pieces of the program, eliminating shame and guilt, is practiced this month so you learn how to live your life with your new habits so they serve you best, and that’s with flexibility.  No more shame around your lifestyle because it’s YOUR Personalized Healing Profile that allows you to be your BEST YOU for not only yourself, but your family and friends as well!

If you are ready to live your happy and healthiest life and become confident and happy with yourself in the next 90 days... 

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