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I'm Jenny Whitens, and I have always been intrigued with health and wellness.  I've been through a lot of the same things most women struggle with when it comes to being healthy inside and out. I stumbled through my freshmen year of college gaining 20 pounds (I was dumbfounded when this happened as I had been athletic in high school and never had to worry about eating healthy), fad-dieting low-balling calories to take it off fast only to go through rounds of binge-eating to regain; too lazy and too uninformed and misinformed, really, to actually keep a workout regimen.  Moved on to my first job after college (teaching middle school - who has time to think about exercising and eating right when you work?), lost weight before my wedding, only to gain afterwards and then REALLY gain with my first baby (we are talking like 60 pounds here, folks...YIKES.). Working on my Master's degree didn't help matters during this time.  Did I mention I was coaching too? All this with a newborn and breastfeeding him for almost a year...I don't even know how the heck I managed all that. 

If I had only had someone who could have taught me how to manage my schedule and my mindset so I could manage my health! 

Before having my second baby, I started to do my homework.  I was NOT going to go through that weight gain and loss all over again.  I knew I could do better and I knew my baby and I deserved better.  I learned about and practiced "healthy habits" which I maintained for about 1 year before and following that pregnancy.  I trained for and ran a half-marathon (I was a cardio bunny...sound familiar?)...but what I thought was healthy was damaging my physical and mental health (dangerously low caloric intake, too much cardio, and little to no emotional health support). Then these "healthy habits" made a hard 180 after my half-marathon, and I gained over 30 pounds and became lethargic on and off again.

Where was that person again that could teach me how to manage my schedule, mindset, and health?
Then I realized, that person was ME.

I discovered healthy habits, healthy products, and created a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family because we deserve the best in life.  I reprioritized my life, jumped all-in with health and wellness, and never looked back.  I fell in love with lifting (I LOVE feeling strong and learned that all that cardio isn't what it's cracked up to be) and decided to act upon something I always wanted to do - become a personal trainer and nutrition coach. 

My journey is what inspired me to create Jen Whitens Wellness.  Because I know I am not the only one with a story like mine.  And I also know that if you are here reading this, you deserve to prioritize yourself and learn to schedule your health so you can be the super-woman you are for the people you love.  And that's exactly what I do. 

I help busy moms and millennials lose weight, gain energy, and shed shame through the simple life hacks I wish I had learned long ago.

My mission is to help women be their healthiest so they can ban the burnout and be healthy and happy for their family, FOR GOOD!

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